cursed food thread 

poem about a dildo 

i love being social*

*typing words into my computer and occasionally having people type words back at me

And this is Furiosa aka Frosia. She constantly oppresses Kefir, is able to teleport right on your lap, and ate a living wasp once. If she had all four legs, she would definitely kill god, but she only has three.

The director of the research institute my mom works for has been arrested recently. He was shitty, but this arrest dramatically increased the amount of chaos my mom has to deal with, so she decided to retire. This means, she may move in with me.
My cat would eat her cat in a blink of an eye, she is terrified of my rats and, well, let's just say our love grows stronger with every kilometer between us.

А молчу я, так как не могу побороть ощущение, что здесь полагается писать на английском. 🤐

Этот сайт на порядок умнее меня. Что такое "метаданные" вообще?


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