@inexcode As I mentioned, I had problems with automating the process. Considering the fact I just had another issue with their certificate, I want to switch. Their service is really cool for a free one, but I think I grew up to an "adult" aka paid certificate already.

I know it can be automated, but I had problems with that in the past, so I didn't bother to automate it.

Thinking about acquiring a wildcard certificate, I'm tired of renewing Let's Encrypt ones.

Got "Good" (not "Great", as usual) mark at that homework, btw.

It's so inconvenient to play Switch on the go. Nothing with the console itself, though: people are staring at you "You're an adult, yet you play Pokemon?".

Sigh. When some aggressive people are screaming about recent win or lose in the football match, it's okay, but when someone quietly plays console, that's not.

Did homework god knows how, I need to run. Today I'm a racehorse.

So, I'm back only to say hi and vanish in the shadows (aka go coding).

Sorry to everyone, but I have to do stuff rn. Brb in an hour.

Meanwhile, please check Nextcloud if you're using my Mastodon instance already.




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