makeup bag was a gift, but so were lipstick, t-shirt, candies and a new sketchbook+watercolor set
now i need to step up my postal game and get a proper box as a reply

i'll still have to change those colors today... probably
bc orgs want me to use softer colors for successful print

My zine artstyle said fuck them eyes, go bright, go brighter!

i just black out while cleaning and here's the proof - accidentally poured dirty water in the bathroom sink and now it's clogged
cool. gotta scrape whatever cash i have left and hit the shop bc whatever cleaning supplies could help - we don't have em
i'm the scariest and most irrational person while cleaning, this is probably the mildest i can do

the dialogue i mentioned was brief and just mildly uncomfortable, but i'm simply mad at everything and anything today

i don't want to invent shit just to sound cool n hip genderqueer person! i'm boring and it's fine
any stories how i cried from being undeniably female at appearance? not for your fucking ears unless i really want to share

i didn't forget all of it just to be fun at parties
like no shit sherlock i've probably never Truly Struggled And Suffered with acception from society etc like you, and i don't intend to start for your amusement! sometimes you find peace with a part of you and refuse to breach it again

was questioned on my gender while drunk (in a friendly environment by a person who also gives little shit about it) but next time? i would absolutely like NOT TO
i'm not comfortable talking about how my presentation affects my well-being, while i'm CHILLIN'
also bc i can't be pretentious and spin a convo of suffering when i successfully pried dysphoria off me with a crowbar and now try to experience just the best sides of being one kinda ambiguous goblin

i wonder if this even looks like victor kain (a lot of lines will be shades or somtehing)

chocolate minttu is too sweet hence topped with milk
@MuTsubaki introduced me to her wonderful homemade herb liquor and i remember it with utmost tenderness

this minttu+milk shot is for y'all
but mostly to get my jaw finally unclench

tomorrow is the 60% checkpoint
fuck off ipl zine, looking back i can tell that getting to touch a human once a year is more fun that being responsible

me tonight whipping out 60% of my zine page (i have the nice and clear main sketch and started to clean it but that's it)

afaik it still works and has a new (ish?) battery, but i don't have a charger and, unfortunately, a back panel

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