hey, my friend's kickstarter is 11 hours from being over, he's trying to kickstart some (really adorable) pins, if you can help out that'd be super helpful - if you want it to be backed, the best time to pledge is now, you wont have to pay unless the pin reaches its goal! even if you cannot afford to pledge, boosts really help!


#queerartists #pin #enamelpin

Lazyweb: is there a publication or article that’s something like “how to run an anarchist commune”?

Assume I don’t know much about anarchy, and that I want to figure out a fair way to determine who does the dishes in a non-hierarchical group.

I’m just here for the fully automated luxury gay space communism

Beautiful eerie landscapes by photographer Gundula Blumi, I love these so much 💙

juvenile detention is a euphemism for kiddie jail

On self-preservation, fashpol 

Did you remember to commit acts of class warfare today?

lewdish, leggggs & underwear, Snake Fishnets!!! 

So, considering my new self-hosted steaming service (hehe!), what torrent trackers can you recommend for lossless music? (only FLAC, Nextcloud doesn't support other lossless formats)

police brutality 



I want:

1) Custom configuration (something like i7+, 16+Gb RAM, 1Tb+ HDD, videocard optional (not needed rn but would be a plus), preferably RAID or some backup system, 1 Gbit+).
2) Not from Russia (very important!)
3) Not too high price (I'm thinking about something like 3000₽ or $50 in a month).


sometimes a picture is too slow to upload and I read a caption faster, and move on faster and it's a really good feature

I still struggle, esp in pixelfed because it works through some mysterious ass and sometimes will my caption away~

and ugh I hate describing abstract shit, I should stick to "some abstract shit" next time

we all agree this is the cat picture with the most high level serena energy, right?

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