The IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) have an important message for you at work this Monday:


Respect yourselves, protect yourselves

The hours are long,
the pay is small,
so take your time,
and buck them all.


Did your boss work for every penny of his paycheck, or is some of that coming from your labor? Remember that the next time you think about "working hard:" you aren't paid for all the work you do anyway; why give away more for free?


@emsenn when I quit the last job I was participsting in I stole all the shit I could carry including some of my boss' personal belongings. I didn't think about it just came naturally to me.

@emsenn my also work required working as a censor since it's illegal to even mention lgbt+ folks even exist if you show is not 18+

i made small mentions and implications whenever I could and fought frequently with my boss because she didn't want legal problems. I believe my stubbornness is what got me fired, well, that and also the fact that I never worked in a workplace if I could... I read a lot of fanfiction that year.

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